FirestarterFirestarter (Lite)

Firestarter is a game which involves you moving your android around laying a trail of tinder . The tinder slowly burns . Any tinder touching burning tinder will also start burning.

Initial screen

The object of the game is to clear the green "trees" by touching them with your android to mark them as burnable .

Burning screen

The trees and any tinder has to have burnt before it reaches the bottom of the screen. Look out for walls blocking your way, and for sparks to ignite your trail. Also, there are bombs , which can be push around, to clear large areas, and bonuses to pick up along the way. Watch out for the random fire bombs which are there to help and hinder you.

Each level ends with a finish line . When you cross the finish line, all remaining tinder and trees will be cleared, however, untouched (green) trees and uncollected bonuses will count against you, but there is a bonus for only having burning tinder left.