Heads UpHeads Up

Heads Up is a game of logic and imagination. The aim of the game is to turn the androids until they all have their heads up. You have a limited amount of time to do this in.

Starting position

As you turn one android, the androids on either side and above and below all turn as well. Choosing the right androids to turn is where logic comes in.

Heads up

If you get stuck, or feel you are making it worse, you can reset the level back to the beginning, although your time is still being used up.

Heads up

After 30 seconds for each puzzle attempt, the skip button is enabled.

Heads up

So if you are really stuck, you can skip the puzzle and another one will be set at the same level. Note that resetting the level, restarts the 30 second timer.

Heads up

The levels get progressively more difficult, e.g. more androids need to be turned or the androids turn only part of the way and need to be turned more than once.

Higher level

At the end of each time period, you can choose to continue at the current level, or start a new game. There are different size games, and they can be started at a higher level of difficulty.

New game

The full version has more game sizes and more levels of difficulty.

Bigger, harder