Hemel Counselling
Adoption Support Counselling
In December 2023, the law changed to make counselling for adults with adoption issues more accessible. A counsellor working with adults is no longer required to be registered with Ofsted or an adoption support agency, but they are still required to have specific training in adoption support. In order to comply with the law, I have completed a certificate in Adoption Support Counselling approved by Link Barnardos.

People will have a wide and varied experience of adoption, fostering, and special guardianship orders (SGO). If you are having any difficulties, I can offer support to:

• birth parents

• people who have been adopted or fostered themselves

• people looking to care for, are caring for, or have cared for, a child through adoption, fostering or special guardianship

• any family member involved with adoption, fostering or special guardianship

I can also support you, and talk through considerations, if you are thinking of possibly contacting or searching for a child or parent.