Hemel Counselling
Frequently asked questions
Will counselling help me?
Many people benefit from counselling; they find it useful to talk to a qualified professional, someone outside of their circumstances, to help them with perspective and understanding. Counselling is not always easy, and it takes commitment, but having someone to journey with you at a time of distress can be supportive.
Is what I say confidential?
I treat all information you share with me as confidential, unless, in the very rare situation, when there is a risk of very serious harm to yourself or another, or the law requires me to refer information on. The purpose of breaching confidentiality would be to ensure your safety or the safety of another. Please see my privacy notice for more information.
How long will counselling take?
The number of sessions varies considerably depending on your needs. There will be regular reviews so that we can agree together the best way forward. I can offer shorter term focused counselling or longer term psychotherapy.
How long and how often are the sessions?
Sessions last 50 minutes and are usually on a weekly basis.
How much does it cost?
My fee is £70 per session. Because time is being reserved for you, you will be expected to pay for sessions that are cancelled with less than 48 hours' notice.
Can I see more than one counsellor?
It is not recommended that you see more than one counsellor at a time, on an individual basis, as this can lead to confusion and possible conflict especially if the counsellors have different ways of working. However, if you are in couple counselling and wish to also have your own individual therapy then this can be supportive; I would ask that you let your couple counsellor know that you are having individual counselling as well.